MIRPURKHAS - Hesco consumers said that they are suffering additional burden of “illegal” detection bills due to uncontrolled power pilferage and line losses amidst prolonged unannounced loadshedding. Former councillors Basheer Ahmed, Sarwar Ahmed, Furqan Ahmed, Khalil Khan, Syed Bakhtiar Shah, Waris Khaskheli, Rashid Khan and others alleged that Hesco officials issue illegal detection bills to the consumers to cover the line losses as a result the consumers have to suffer the additional burden.

Protesting against the company, they blamed that officials had violated the directives of digital meters company in which the company had strictly asked in written to install these digital meters at the smooth wall but they installed the meters at the power poles. As a result, these speedy digital meters technically run faster even when no electricity is consumed in houses.

They said that 8 to 10 hours daily loadshedding continues in Hesco Mirpurkhas division and despite repeated complaints no action was yet taken.

They said that Hesco officers had sold the nut bolts and meter boxes and only installing the digital meters with the help of wires at the poles neglecting the directives of digital meters company. They alleged that these digital meters run 27 percent faster than old ones.

They demanded the Wapda chairman, the federal minister for water and power, and other authorities take immediate note of the situation and carry out only announced loadshedding. Otherwise, they threatened, they would be compelled to launch a protest campaign against the Hesco’s Mirpurkhas Division.