LAHORE - The Punjab University administration relieved contractual faculty members who were working even after their retirement.

They include assistant professors, associate professors, professors and others.

An official of the PU requesting anonymity said that majority of the re-hired faculty members were appointed during the tenure of Dr Mujahid Kamran. He said that many of the faculty members were not even PhD degree holders and were drawing handsome salaries from the university exchequer.

He said that present VC had clearly drawn a line to make the PU one of the top ranking universities. To achieve the goal, the VC wanted to lay off all those who were counterproductive. He said that initially officially working on key positions like registrar office were removed from their seats.

Moreover, he said that the VC introduced one man one seat. Many faculty members holding dean and director offices simultaneously were directed to leave one slot with immediate effect and the thus vacant slots were filled on merit, he said. He said that in the next turn many others still working after retirement would be asked to relieve.

University Registrar Dr Naeem Khan was not available to comment. When contacted spokesperson for the varsity Khurram Shahzad, he said, all those who have been relieved were more than 65 years of age. As per the apex court orders the retired people could not be hired, so they were relieved. The current administration had got their performance evaluated before reliving them.

As per the documents issued by the university Registrar office, the letters read: “In compliance with the relevant government rules and policy/Punjab University Regulations you are hereby relieved from your contractual appointment with Punjab University with immediate effect.” All those whose contracts have been reviewed will be paid one month salary as per the provisions of the contract.

A number of faculty members hired after retirement were not retired from the PU but from other colleges.

As per documents those who were relieved of their contractual appointments include Dr Syed Muhammad Akram from Iqbal Studies department who had retired in 1992, Prof Dr A R Jafri from Institute of Administrative Sciences retired in 1999, Khwaja Muhammad Zakria from Administrative Committee from Literary History of Muslims of Indo-Pak subcontinent who retired 2000, Dr Shoukat Mehmood College of Art and Design who had retired in 2000, Dr Nasreen Muzaffar from Zoology Department retired in 2004, Dr Shafqat Nawaz from department of Coal Technology retired in 2002, Dr Saeed Akhtar from Department of Zoology retired in 2004, Dr Muhammad Nawaz Ch from College of Earth and Environment Sciences retired in 2002, Badruz Zaman from College of Art and Design retired in 2000, Dr Riaz Ahmad Sh College of Earth and Environmental Sciences (CEES) who had retired on 2011, Prof Naeem Mir Associate Prof College of Arts and Design who retired on 2011, Dr Sajid Ali Prof department of Philosophy who retired 2011, Muhammad Avais faculty member of College of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences who reached superannuation on 2011, Dr Jamil Anwar Prof Centre for Undergraduate Studies retired on 2011.

Moreover, Muhammad Jamil Khan In-charge Floriculture Research Farm who retired on 2002, Dr Jehangir Tamimi from Centre from Centre South Asian Studies who retired on 2009, Dr Ejaz Mujtaba Ghouri Physics department who had retired on 2010, Dr Arshad Hussain Quraishi Institute of Quality and Technology Management who retired on 2010, Allah Ditta Assistant Professor Economics Department who retired on 2008, Akhtar Hussain Assistant Professor Department of Electrical Engineering who retired on 2008, Dr Shoukat Ali Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology who retired on 2008, Dr Farrukh Zia Khan College of Pharmacy who had retired on 2008, Riaz Ahmad Mian Hailey College of Banking and Finance who had retired on 2009, Syed Zulfiqar Ahmad Shah Associate Professor Law College date of retirement 2005, Dr Fouzia Naheed Khwaja faculty member of Hailey College of Banking and Finance retired on 2008, Syed Fida Hussain Bokhari from Hailey College of Banking and Finance who retired 2005, Syed Farooq Hasnat Pakistan Study Centre who retired on 2004, Sabiha Zulqarnain Assistant Professor College of Art and Design who retired on 2006, Dr Naseem Akhtar Saad Prof College of Art and Design who retired on 2004, Dr Ajmal Niazi from Institute of Communication Studies who retired 2007, Dr Aqdas Ali Kazmi from Pakistan Study Centre Pakistan Study Centre retired on 2006, Dr Ziaullah Ch from Chemical Engineering who retired in 2002, Dr Mehmood Hussain from College of Art and Design retired in 2003, Dr Muhammad Nawaz Ch College of Earth and Environmental Sciences retired in 2002 and others.

, Dr Rafiuddin Hashmi from Department of Iqbal Studies who had retired in 2002, Dr M Akram College of Earth and Environmental Sciences 2011, Dr Abdul Waheed Radiologist University Health Centre 2008.