Karachi-Former Pakistan skipper, Javed Miandad came out with his frustration of Pakistan players not being a part of the Indian Premier League and also tried to ‘warn’ the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) on building upon their own infrastructure rather than hailing their players’ selection in the cash-rich league.

“We don’t care if an Afghan player or any other player is bought in the IPL for millions of rupees. Earlier, we used to feel bad when Pakistani players were not able to play in IPL, but now we have our own Pakistan Super League, which is very successful,” said Miandad in an exclusive interview. “If a product is great, it will sell across the world. Similarly, a good player will always have admirers all over the world,” he added.

It seems Miandad is making it a habit of lashing out on every cricketing board. Earlier, he has lashed out at the Pakistan Cricket Board’s policies of making way for the tainted players into the team. “Only the board is to blame for this mess. In a population of 20 million people, the board insisted on recalling M Aamir to the national side as if they were no other talent available in the country,” Miandad said. “When you set such examples what do you expect from other players,” he added.