Lahore  -     Education experts, in their comments on education system of the country, said that the absence of an effective administrative system was amongst the various root causes of the decline of the education sector.

Talking to The Nation, Prof Sakher Rasool, Director Habib Foundation College, Shahdara, said that the successive governments had failed to introduce a single efficacious reform to rectify the defects lay in the education system. He lamented the fact that the education system, just as Pakistani society, was divided into different mediums and factions; and with the children getting education in such system it would remain a distant dream to progress as a nation.

He pointed out that people’s behaviour and their understanding about particular things also affected the learning process in society as a whole. “As people here are usually inspired by babu culture, they do not give importance to the intellect and knowledge of a person unless they see his or her expertise in speaking and writing English,” he said. “These behaviours in our society divert the attention of students from the key goal of seeking knowledge to mere gaining mastery of the foreign language,” he asserted.

He suggested some reforms for the betterment of education system, saying that education should be goal-oriented; and the trend of accidental teachers should be discouraged. He also stressed the importance of teachers’ training, saying that highly qualified teachers should be deployed at schools to teach students at elementary level. He stated that the deployment of qualified and properly trained teachers was a sine qua non of better future of the nation.

Saleem Jadoon, a senior journalist and teacher, held the teachers responsible for the current miserable trends in the education sector. He maintained that the teachers of this age lacked the capacity to raise the children as useful members of society. He said that the private sector had strengthened its presence in the education sector by cashing in on the indifference of the state, adding that the sole purpose of private universities was to make money through awarding degrees; and they were contributing very little to the education of the nation.

Hamid Nawaz, a senior journalist and teacher, said that the country was yet to get a proper system for the education of its children not to speak of the dilemma over medium of instruction in schools. “Irony of the situation is that the education department lacks educationists as advisers; and it is run by bureaucrats as an administrative division,” he said, and adding that the syllabus lacked symmetry and the ingredients necessary to unify the people into a nation. “Even the state-run schools lack basic facilities such as classrooms for the students.”

He stressed some basic changes in the syllabus of schools, saying that it must contain material for ethical training and personal grooming of the children. He sought discipline and a check on educational institutions, saying that they must be provided all facilities and resources to meet their needs. He also stressed counselling of children in selection of the subjects of their interest.