BADIN        -       The leaders of Save Badin Action Committee (SBAC) have again demanded the authorities to ensure just water distribution in all the irrigation channels of the region. Mir Noor Ahmed Talpur, Khalil Ahmed Bhrgari, Azizullah Dero and others, talking to the local journalists here on Friday, urged the concerned departments to meet their demands.

They asked the officials of Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (Sida) and other concerned officials to sit with the genuine leaders of farmers instead of holding public gatherings to divert attention from the real issues, adding they had made it clear that most parts of Badin district would not get their due share of water as long as blockages existed there in the bed of Phuleli Canal.

They said that all the canals and distributaries of the district were again facing the worst water crisis at the time when the chief crop of the season, wheat, was getting mature for harvesting, adding they had urged the concerned high-ups to ensure the required allocation of water at Kotri Barrage first and then into the canals and their outlets. They told that they were gathering again in Badin on Sunday to devise the future plans of the action to resume their protest movement against the hindrances in the water flows in the canals and other irrigation waterways. While, Qabool Mohammad Khatian, the chairman of area water board, talking to the journalists in Jamali House in Tando Bago town that they were all set to launch the massive drive to overhaul the structure so that all the areas of the district get equal share of water.

He said that the massive project to remodel Akram and its outlets would be initiated within next six months to provide the ample water to the each every part with its command area.

Mr. Khatian said that experts of water issues, officials of irrigation and Sida were working day and night to ensure the just water supply by taking the punitive actions, who were involved in the theft of water through the tampered watercourses or through the pipes and water sucking machines. He said that top PPP leaders as well as the high-ups of Sindh government were focusing on the irrigation issues of Badin and other districts of the province.