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Turbat is the second largest city of Balochistan after Quetta. It saddens me to mention that it is deprived of several fundamental things. For instance it is running out of 4g internet, electricity and employment. Leave these specific things , it hurts all to repeat that the Warid network has been very worse from 15 September of 2019. Neither the message are being sent or received, nor calls. If sometime calls or message then that does not reach where it is contacted for, it will go some else contact. In several unknown number message and called has been received because of bad network. It has been troubling us for 15 days. Resultantly, it is a request to concern authority to concentrate on this issue .



Citizenship Act

India’s new citizenship law aim to marginalise Muslims and turn India into a homeland for Hindus. Similarly, India’s Aug 5 decision to illegally merge Kashmir with union and to turn nearly two million Muslims in Assam into a stateless crowd. The law , as India’s 200 million Muslims have correctly surmised, has helping migrants and everything to do with the campaign by Prime Minister Modi and his home minister, Amit Shah, to marginalise Muslims and turn India into a homeland for Hindus, who comprise about 80 per cent of population of 1.3 billion.

It shows that leaving nearly two million people, many of them Muslims, potentially stateless. From the revocation of Article 370 to citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NCR) , the Indian Constitution was strung-out apart by what is so pompously claimed as the biggest democracy in the world. As a result, when the protesters inborn and massive as they were and continued to be gathered momentum, the Indian Army chief did something none of his ancestors had ever done, interfering in civil matters. His comments about the necessity to be on the right path , were widely condemned by Indian across the land who warned the Modi-led government of the horrendous precedents it was setting one after the other.

But the government has its own agenda and what came next was a show of force in the shape of baton-wielding RSS hordes getting themselves ready for something even more distasteful. Successive India government has failed to stop the call for the right of the Kashmiris to self-ambitious .The current government is exploring itself to be no different. Whipping up the frenzy ahead of the elections, BJP won landslide, but in the process become a prisoner of its own rhetoric. The region was sealed off and placed under complete shutdown, lockdown and everything else, no telephone, no internet nothing else.

But the valiant Kashmiris have shown enough fight to make the realise they are not going to be cowed down like that. Thus , when people of various faith and political orientations are upon against of the government decisions, it is surprising what blatant right-wing mania can do to human beings. It will seem no difference at all.



Ban Sheesha Cafes

Sheesha smoking is very dangerous to health and society both. The decision to ban Sheesha Cafes by various provincial governments was always contested, with proponents pointing to the business the activity generates, the communal nature of Sheesha smoking amidst a dearth of social activities, or denouncing the overly moralistic language of the authorities and the rise of the nanny state that polices, lectures and infantilises. In 2015, the Punjab government submitted an interim report stating it had directed 133 arrests for Sheesha-related offences.

Newly, a senator pointed out at a meeting of the Senate Standing committee on National Health Services that removing Sheesha from restaurants and open spaces has led to its proliferation within homes, as many continue to smoke as a way to unwind or entertain. He suggested ‘regulation’ in place of an outright public ban and this led to criticism by doctors. WHO found that regular Sheesha smokers face the same health risks as cigarette smokers, and that an hour-long Sheesha session is equivalent to smoking 100 to 200 cigarettes. Other measures undertaken to discourage the youth’ from taking up this harmful activity have included heavy fines, sealing of Cafes and conducting arrests.

It is really something painful that almost a huge number of youths in our country (Pakistan) are being damaged with drug addiction and it is humbly requested to ban such kind of things (Drugs) which are the destruction of youths because youths are the new builders of a country and if they remained in destruction, it would be tough for a country to run. That’s why I suggest that save the youths and see the development of the country.