LAHORE         -          Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that possibly an agreement between US and Taliban may follow a ceasefire phase in Afghanistan as Americans are wanting peace and dialogue and Taliban are now sitting with them.

“Since my government has come and we have left no stone unturned so that there would be peace in Afghanistan. Fortunately, things are moving into the right direction,” PM Imran Khan said in an interview to a Brussels-based news organization VRT.

“It is not gonna be easy because there has been 19 years of conflict but it is for the first time moving into the right direction. The Americans are wanting peace and dialogue with Taliban and Taliban are now sitting with the Americans. The next phase would be cease-fire, then possibly an agreement,“ the PM and maintained that 70,000 Pakistanis lost their lives in that ten - twelve year period.

“Fortunately, full marks to our security forces and especially our intelligence services who give great sacrifices, but they now have controlled the insurgency. And I am very happy to say that my first year as Prime Minister, 2019, was the safest year in Pakistan since 9/11,” the PM said.

Referring to his economic successes, the PM Imran Khan said that 2019 was a very difficult year for Pakistan. But now fortunately, the current account deficit was brought by 75% in one year, which was tough but good. “I expect that, you know, this is the year 2020 where the economy will show signs of recovery,” the PM was hopeful.

During the interview, PM Imran Khan described Modi was seeking inspiration from Hitler and following the ever-dreaded military dictator’s racist Aryan philosophy. “The problem in India right now is that they have an extremist ideology, the RSS is an extremist ideology, inspired by the Nazis in the thirties. And the founding fathers of RSS, which is ruling India now, were inspired by Hitler and this racist Aryan philosophy of Hitler,” the prime minister said while responding to a question of the interviewer.

Further, elaborating the Kashmir issue, PM Imran Khan said, “And that’s why they have put these eight million Kashmiris- who are Muslims- they have put them in an open prison. So, I do not see much hope for this government, but I do see that in future an Indian government, a strong leadership, they would want this issue to be resolved.”

Coming to his targets set for developing the nation and its resources, the priome minister told the interviewer that plantation of 10 billion trees would be done so as to improve environment and forest cover and bringing the wild life back. “Pakistan is also likely to be effected by climate change more than other countries because this country depends on our rivers and our rivers 80% of the water in our rivers comes from the glaciers in the mountains. And because of global warming, these glaciers are melting at a fast rate and that is a big worry for us,” the prime minister Imran Khan said.