Jamaat-e-Islami Deputy Chief Liaqat Baloch has lamented that politics and power in Pakistan are in the grip of a mafia which is only working to secure their own interests without paying any heed to the miserable condition of the masses.

Addressing a training workshop at Mansoora on Saturday, Liaqat Baloch said the same powerful mafia was the biggest hurdle in bringing a democratic stability in the country. All the efforts of the JI, he said, revolved around the purpose that it wanted to get rid of the corrupt mafia and bring real change through the democratic process and power of vote.

He regretted that ruling class had left masses on to the mercy of international powers and they were forming every policy of their dictation. The government, he said, snatched every source of income from the masses making thousands jobless in past few months.

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The JI Deputy Chief said that people were starving and could not afford two times a day meal due to massive increase in prices of food items. The masses were running out of patience and ready to take the streets to oust this regime, he said, advising rulers to pay heed to the problems of poor or get ready to be packed.  

Baloch said the day of February 29 when a peace deal between US and Taliban will be signed will be historic. He said people of Pakistan were standing with their Afghan brethren on this great moment of history.