MITHI       -        Lawyers from Thar have announced to provide legal support to residents of their area to ensure their ownership over the natural resources of their area is acknowledged. The leaders and members of Thar Bar Council, after holding a lengthy meeting with their fraternity on Friday, announced to organise a first-ever conference in Mithi town on March 2, to seek the opinions of local people about their issues in the wake of massive coal mining in the district. Ghulam Mustafa Hingorjo, Bheroomal, Fakeer Munnawar Sagir, Nawaz Baghi and other leaders of the bar council, talking to the local journalists, said that it was high time for their fraternity to come up with the legal assistance for the people, whose resources were being utilised to generate power and to also their other issues in the wake of massive projects being undertaken in the district.

They made it clear that Tharis had the first right over their huge coal reserves and other resources, adding that they had decided to first organise the conference to sensitize Tharis so that they could get legal support from them, adding that it was their prime responsibility to legally support the common people.