Few weeks back Bret Stephens wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that America should buy Pakistan's nukes against paying US$100 billion in 10 years. Stephens further states that Pakistan is a poor nation which serves as a base for terrorism and appears insecure in spite of having nuclear capabilities. In my opinion, Stephens is not familiar with the chequered history of South Asia, especially the subcontinent and that is why his article apparently seems biased. In order to keep the records straight, I am narrating a few historical facts which are known to all. Let there be no doubt that India is the pioneer for initiating and encouraging terrorism in South Asia. She grabbed princely states of Hyderabad and invaded Kashmir by force. Thereafter it trained Mukti Bhani and pushed it into East Pakistan for killing, sabotaging and terrorist activities. Later on India attacked East Pakistan. So these are vivid proofs of Indian state terrorism against a relatively young and fragile neighbour. India did not stop there. It continued to nurture their designs of expansionism and went even further towards other neighbours like Sri Lanka and others. It is a fact that she trained and supported the Tamil Tigers for terrorist activities in Sri Lanka providing full shelter to the Lankan saboteurs in India which still continues and has resulted into instability in Sri Lanka. One should also recall that Gandhi was killed by a Hindu, Indra was shot dead by a Sikh and Rajiv was killed in a suicide bombing. All the killers died on the spot and hence no one else could be blamed. Otherwise the Indian government would have labelled them as Pakistani terrorists or an act by the Pakistani agencies. As a result India herself faces various belligerent groups within its own territory today. It may be recalled that there are about 60 separatist movements functioning in different provinces of India and some of these are highly organised and powerful. They almost control one-third of the districts in India. Recently a terrorist group strongly backed by the Indian armed forces led by Lt Col Prohit and a retired commodore planted bombs in Samjhota Express in which about 70 Pakistanis were killed and many injured. Later the Malegaon Blasts took place in which 6 Muslims died and hundreds injured. During the interrogation Col Prohit revealed that the objective of this group was to plan terrorist activities in India in such a manner so that Pakistanis and Muslims (in general) could be blamed and eventually defamed worldwide. It must be noted that in 2008 Hindu extremists attacked and burnt about 24 churches in India while killing hundreds of Christians. One should also not forget the brutal massacre of Muslims in Ahmadabad by Hindu terrorists with the support of CM Modi. So keeping in view the above examples of Indian state terrorism the US should buy the Indian nukes first by paying US$200 billion or more to them immediately. The Indian nukes are more vulnerable than Pakistan's because of powerful terrorists and separatist organisations functioning in India. We believe that if this proposal is accepted peace in the region will follow automatically and terrorism will cease to exist. The other question is as to why, on all occasions, only Pakistan is accused? It should be remembered that Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism whereas our developed nations had been using this weapon as a matter of choice. In this context a few examples are given hereunder. It may be recalled that long ago - before the fall of Berlin Wall - East German and Russian intelligence agencies used to train terrorists for terrorism in Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world (Ref Spy Master by East German intelligence chief). Earlier India planned to attack Pakistan's atomic reactor with the help of Israel but USA warned and dissuaded her from attacking the nuclear installations (Ref By Way of Deception). If Stephens or any other columnist desires we can provide more reasons as to why the US should buy Indian nukes first. Finally, we should realise and agree that terrorism is an international issue. Therefore we need to find the solution as quickly as possible. And in case we fail to address it, peace in world will remain only a dream. The writer is a freelance columnist