Afghanistan is not a country where new systems and structures should be tested every so often, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said told the Afghan parliament.

President Karzai made the comments at the inauguration of the second year , session 16th of the Afghan National Assembly.

The President said that the government has been established based on the Afghan people's will.

He said government strategies have been drafted and will be sent for parliament approval in two weeks.

In the inauguration ceremony members of the Afghan government cabinet as well as diplomatic representatives of some countries had attended.

"Afghanistan is not the political laboratory of strangers to test new systems and structures. Discontinuity in promotion and maturity of political system and its related institutions are one of the main reasons for problems in our social and political evolution," Mr Karzai said.

A representative of Kabul province in Afghan House of Representatives, Haji Mohammad Mohaqeq said that political thoughts of President Karzai and the Taliban are similar.

"Both President Karzai and the Taliban are against parliamentary system and this shows a similarity in the thoughts of two political sides. The Taliban want Islamic Emirate and Mr Karzai wants anarchism," Mr Mohaqeq said.

President Karzai urged Afghan lawmakers to judge the Afghan government strategies based on national interests and that their cooperation with the government is a serious need.

Meanwhile, Afghan House Speaker, Abdul Rauf Ebrahimi, said the 16th session is opened at a time when Afghan people are still faced with a lot of challenges.

"Terrorism, violation of the law, corruption and poppy cultivation and smuggling are still the main challenges," Mr Ebrahimi said.

President Karzai said Afghan forces will take over all security responsibilities after 2014 and also promised that necessary reforms will be made in all government institutions.

Mr Karzai also said that reforms should be brought in the open market system so that the government can prevent hoarding by traders.