LAHORE– Provincial Minister for Labour Welfare & Auqaf Punjab Haji Ehsan-ud-Din Qureshi has asked the Ulema to join the government’s efforts against dengue virus by way of imparting awareness to the masses on the significance of cleanliness in the society.

He said Ulema command deep respect among the masses, therefore, they should inform them about the protective measures against the dengue virus in their individual as well as collective contacts. He asked Ulema to teach the people regarding cleanliness of atmosphere in order to prevent the spread dengue mosquitoes, which cause fever and assume the form of an epidemic. He said that Ulema can successfully execute the awareness campaign in mosques especially during prayer hours to the society.  The Minister said this while talking to a delegation of Ulema and labourers at his residence.

The Minister said that labourers are the backbone of our industry and govt is spending Rs.4.1b for the provision of state of the art healthcare facilities to them and their families.

He said that government has reserved Rs 42.30 billion for the provision of healthcare facilities to the people in the province.