TARBELA GHAZI – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Central Executive Committee, member and former member of provincial assembly from PK-52 Faisal Zaman has said that Hazara will be proved as a PTI stronghold and it will make a clean sweep in the coming election.

Faisal Zaman said this while addressing a press conference here at Ghazi Press Club. He said the people of Pakistan had been fed up with the corruption and looting by the rulers, so now they were eying on PTI for a change in the country.

He said PTI would ensure provision of indiscriminate judicial, financial and educational justice.

He Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz fixed their turns to rule the country but this time people would not let them do so.

Throwing light on the PTI vision, Faisal Zaman said PTI gained popularity among the public and a public support at huge level owing to its ideological commitment.

He also referred to the latest Gallop Poll in which popularity of PTI and its chairman Imran Khan raced ahead of PML-N and its president Mian Nawaz Sharif.

Faisal Zaman said PTI wanted that Pakistan must be a human welfare state with a uniformed system of providing justice, education and health.