LAHORE – Pro-rector Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Science and Technology Dr Fazal Ahmed Khalid has said that developed countries are investing more than $40b for research and development in Nanotechnology and the USA only will spend about $4b in this regard till 2015.

He was delivering a lecture on “Nanotechnology and Progress in Development of Nanomaterials” held under the aegis of Pakistan Engineering Congress (PEC) here on Saturday. PEC President Engineer Riaz Ahmad Khan and Wapda member Syed Raghib Abbas Shah also spoke on the occasion.

Nanotechnology is commonly considered to offer considerable promise extending from business opportunities throughout various industries to broader socio-economic benefits, especially in the context of pressing global challenges such as those related to energy, healthcare, clean water and climate change. Governments around the world have invested heavily in research and development in this field and companies are also becoming increasingly engaged

“Unfortunately, our government is not focusing on this technology and the commission which was made on Nanotechnolgy in 2002 was dissolved and in the same way commission on Bio-technology was also dissolved,” regretted Mr Khalid.

Speakers said that this technology would be helpful for Wapda in water purification as well as increasing the efficiency of turbines.