LAHORE – The Jamaat-e-Islami  will encircle the Parliament building on the day a resolution carrying recommendations for restoring NATO supplies on certain conditions to be tabled in the lower house, while Defence Pakistan Council will join the JI cause, announces Syed Munawar Hasan, JI chief.

He made this announcement while addressing a press conference at Mansoora on Saturday. JI senior leaders including Prof Khurshid Ahmed, Liaqat Baloch, Sirajul Haq, Dr Muhammad Kamal, and JI provincial chiefs, attending the JI central shoora session were also present on this occasion. Munawar said that any government move to restore NATO supplies would be tantamount to surrender the national security and sovereignty and JI along with its likeminded forces and public support would resist any such move.

He said there were reports in the US media that the Pakistan government had agreed to restore NATO supplies on certain conditions and a resolution in this regard would be tabled before the Parliament early next month. He said, “Such a decision will be against the peoples’ sentiments and the JI will cordon off the parliament on the day it is scheduled to be tabled along with its likeminded forces and the masses support.” 

JI chief said the US announcement to leave Afghanistan by 2014 was a trick. He added the US also wanted to bring India closer to Afghanistan and Islamabad to declare India a Most Favourite Nation in order to provide India a passage to Afghanistan.