LAHORE - The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) on Saturday released a complete procedure of rules to be followed for the upcoming POA elections.

At least 96 sports officials will use the right of their vote for the PAO election and if the three federations’ court proceedings completed then the number of voters would be 104. The new procedure came into the seen for the first time as there has never been a situation when voting had taken place. The POA current body after consulting the association’s constitution and the IOC charter issued the new elections rules.

Addressing a press conference here at the POA house on Saturday, Gen (R) Arif Hassan, along with Ch Yaqoob, Shaukat Javed and POA secretary Khaliq Khan, denied that the current body was manipulating a move to rig the elections.

“We have formed an election commission, having three advocates, to hold the election in a transparent way. If the candidates have any objection to any rule they can approach the commission following the procedure laid out in the constitution.”

“Chairman of the commission is Advocate Ali Raza while Advocate Owais Waheed is its secretary and Advocate Dr Irfan Masood Sheikh and Lt Col (R) Khalid Hussain are its members. All that has been done according to the Article IX (4) (a) of the constitution,” he stated.

Gen Arif further said that they had also requested the Olympics Committee of Asia and the International Olympics Committee to send their representatives to monitor the elections.

“We wanted to keep everything transparent and following the procedure, an email has been forwarded to all the candidates with the nomination forms and now they have enough time to return their nomination papers. We have not given any cut off date for collecting the forms and instead emailed all the relevant documents to them,” he added.

To a query, he replied that Khaliq Khan had telephoned PHF secretary Asif Bajwa to inform him about the procedure and no one has filed any objection so far.

He further said that there were also some reports on show of hands or secret balloting. “The POA constitution is clear in this regard and IOC charter should be followed which calls for secret ballot. And if anyone has any objection on that he should ask the election commission. We will be willing to suggest to the commission to have an agent of every candidate with the ballot boxes at the time of shifting and counting of the votes,” the POA president concluded.