ISLAMABAD - Third Dolphin Punjab Cup Senior Snooker Championship concluded but left many questions needed to be answered by the organisers as all their tall claims before the start of the event never materialised.

An inside source on condition of anonymity told this correspondent that the organisers completely fail to provide the players a calm, dust-free and controlled environment which is a must in this particular sports and that was the main reason none of the local lads were able to even play in the semi-finals.

The place where this event took place is an under construction basement which is packed with dust and it was almost possible for the players to perform in such environment. When someone holds such a prestigious event and where high-profile personalities were expected to visit and most importantly the organisers want to highlight their achievements, they must at least be aware of the facilities needed to media, proper sitting arrangements to perform their official duties. But there were no such arrangements for the journalists who were there in numbers to cover the event.

The organisers have promised to hold the championship in unique style like never before in the history of Punjab Snooker, by using new tables, balls but nothing such was witnessed during the event.  The source further reveals that even Punjab Snooker Association president Naveed Sheikh denied all those claims and said: “We have arranged these events on original English tables many times not on these so-called tables.”

Many top national ranking players including two-time national champion and Asian medal winner Shahram Changezi and Dr Imran could not even qualify for national championship which is scheduled to be held in Karachi next month due to uncontrolled playing atmosphere and pathetic condition of arena, not a single player from twin cities was able to even reach the semi-finals thus fail to be able to take part in national event despite repeated requests made by the players to event management, showing their concerns about the above mentioned facts but none of the concerned officials bother to take notice which resulted in humiliation for the home players and disappointment for the large home crowd.