SARGODHA - Former federal information minister and PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira has stated that the masses are anxiously awaiting the PTI chief to make public the ideology, philosophy and manifesto of his party at its public meeting in Bhalwal on Sunday (today).

Talking to the media people here, Kaira claimed that the People’s Party was still living in the hearts of people like a tradition and the enthusiasm showed by the participants during the public meeting of Prime Minister was a clear message for those who were dreaming the decline and decay of the PPP. Kaira said that the love for the party could not be removed from the hearts of PPP workers as it was running in their veins like blood. He pointed out that remnants of Pervez Musharraf had gathered around Imran Khan, adding that the PPP acknowledged and honour the mandate of all political forces and expected them to play their role for the development and prosperity actively. He hoped that he expected that Imran Khan would define and share his party manifesto and its philosophy with the masses.