ISLAMABAD – In a belated attempt to mend fences with the apex judiciary Pakistan People’s Party leadership has barred all the party leaders, particularly those having hawkish tendency, to comment on the NRO implementation case or any other related matter.

It was further decided that only Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan – who is counsel of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in contempt of court matter – would talk to media on the NRO implementation issue while rest of the party leaders would refrain from discussing the matter on the media, PPP sources informed The Nation Saturday night.

They said that government was passing through a critical phase and any hostile or provocative statement from any party leader on media could have adverse effect on the case and could push the things toward clash-like situation.

Sources aware of the behind-the-scene deliberations on the subject informed that party leadership had converged on the point that institutional clash would not be in the interest of the system, and for the sake of democracy they would observe maximum restraint and would follow the decision of the apex court in letter and spirit.

The sources said that it was in this backdrop that on the day of Gilani’s appearance in the court along with his counsel Aitzaz and a number of federal ministers and heads of coalition partners, the party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari had strictly restricted the party workers from going to Supreme Court or indulging in any sort of sloganeering. Sources further informed that PPP leadership did not want any sort of unrest or upheaval on the political horizon just to have a smooth sail in the Senate elections due to be held on March 2.

In a briefing to the party leadership Aitzaz Ahsan said that there would be no harm in writing letter to the Swiss authorities in case the court would not agree to his arguments on presidential immunity as the president also has immunity against any sort of criminal proceedings abroad as per the Geneva Convention.

The hawks in the party, which had been riding the tide for well over past four years in power, were finally pushed back and the reins of the party have been given in the hands of doves who would surely drive the government out of troubled waters, a party leader commented on the induction of Ch Aitzaz Ahsan as counsel of the prime minister.