A section of media under garb of analysts cum anchors, would like us to believe that PM has done us a favor by presenting himself before court, although his administration had deliberately defied implementation of Supreme Court orders on NRO in 2009 and destroying almost every institution of the state. Given their arguments, it seems to be destiny of this unfortunate nation to be plundered endlessly by a handful of men whose greed has no limitation. Can I ask them, which law allows crooks and robbers to get away with their ill-gotten wealth, if they have accumulated this by successfully duping people of Pakistan by getting elected on public offices with false promises to serve them, or they had occupied executive assignments as paid servants. The looted money belongs to the unfortunate taxpayers and neither Musharraf, nor the COD, had any right to decide that such crimes could be waived off without due process of law. We have to decide whether Pakistan will be reduced to safe haven for elite corrupt members of paid establishment, or those who were elected, or will there be rule of law in Pakistan?. There is no precedence in recent history where nations have developed, while the state has failed to enforce rule of law without any discrimination as to caste, creed or social status. In every society there is corruption, theft and crime, but once caught, these criminals must be punished, if a society wants to survive. Crimes are supposed to be committed by criminals and thugs in the manner of thieves who take steps to evade being caught by police and not as a matter of right, as if it were perks of holding an office. Our PM deserved ovation, if he had shown some remorse or regret, instead of considering that he has done us a favor by presenting himself before Supreme Court, when he had been forced to do so by circumstances beyond his control.


Lahore, January 21.