The apex court has accepted the apology of the contemnor Altaf Hussain. The apology was unconditional and the MQM Chief had placed himself entirely at the mercy of the court. It was extremely magnanimous of the SC to let him off the hook so easily but it have been more appropriate to make him tender his apology publicly and read it out in front of a mammoth rally in Karachi, similar to the one where had committed the offence in the first place. His contemptuous and seething rants and uttering’s heard by millions in the arena and on almost all TV channels in the country, but how many would now know the exact tenor and tone of his apology?

It has become customary to insult the judiciary and get away with a simple apology. The court can always demonstrate greatness and forgive, but rendering of a public apology under similar circumstances, in which the contempt was committed, will act as an exemplary deterrent for all would be delinquent contemnors.


Rawalpindi, January 8.