QUETTA - The members JUI-F and BNP-A said in the Balochistan Assembly on Monday that some political parties were celebrating governor’s rule in Balochistan which was regrettable.“Some forces are paving the way for the win of National Party (NP) and Pashtoonkwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) in the upcoming elections and have subjected Jamiat Ulema-Islam (JUI-F) and Balochistan National Party-Awami (BNP-A) of revenge and cases are being made against them,” they said.The assembly met on Monday about one and half hour behind its fixed schedule with Speaker Syed Matiullah in the chair. Only 14 out of 65 members were present while 17 members were required to complete the quorum and run the business of the house. But none of the members pointed out incomplete quorum.After the imposition of governor’s rule, the session was summoned by the speaker on requisition of 19 members. A motion was moved in the house on the part of 17 members for debate on the recommendation of Islamic Ideological Council (IIC). JUI-F parliamentary leader Abdul Wasay moved the motion of IIC which was approved by the house for debate.Abdul Wasay debating on the IIC recommendations said, “It is regrettable that some political parties are celebrating the imposition of governor’s rule but they should forget that they would succeed in forthcoming elections”. Criticising media, he said that media was giving maximum courage to those forces which were harming the democratic process while the real representatives of people were being neglected.Asad Baloch of BNP-A also criticised imposition of governor’s rule and said that the province was being run like a colony of British rule. “Following imposition of governor’s rule, the funds of members for their constituencies were stopped,” he said, adding that if they were member of provincial assembly then their funds should also be given otherwise the assembly should be dissolved.Other members, including Ainullah Shams and Shahnawaz Marri also addressed on the occasion and criticised imposition of governor’s rule in the province, saying that it dishonoured the mandate of millions of people.About the IIC, JUI-F’s Abdul Wasay said that due to struggle of their elders, IIC was formed so that all legislation could be made in accordance with Islamic system but unfortunately after the Constitution of 1973, the parliament and other institutions did not adopt its recommendations. “Pakistan was formed in the name of Islam and thousands of people rendered their lives for an Islamic system,” he added.JUI-F leader lamented that IIC recommendations were not given due importance until Muhammad Khan Sherani of JUI-F became its chairman who within short period of two years prepared the recommendations and dispatched them to assembly for legislation. He said that as the president through a presidential decree could impose governor’s rule in Balochistan similarly the recommendations of IIC should also be implemented with a presidential decree in the country.During the session, Abdul Wasay strongly criticsed National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and said that it was blackmailing Balochistan Assembly. “NAB can arrest and sling mud on members of Balochistan Assembly but it cannot eliminate them from the hearts of the people,” he added.