LAHORE - Bahawalpur Restoration Movement leader Muhammad Ali Durrani has deplored the statement of the Punjab governor regarding creation of a new province and said it was a violation and absolute negation of unanimous resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly.

Taking strong exception of the governor’s statement, former Federal Minister said that statement of constitutional head of the province was a breach of privilege of the parliament and tantamount to hijack the mandate of the parliamentary commission that has yet to submit its recommendations in the lower house.

“The demand of the people to restore Bahawalpur province, in view of its unique constitutional, legal and historical perspective, have been acknowledged and supported not only by the Senate but also by the nationalist parities of Sindh, religious and other parties of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Balochistan but also through a unanimously passed resolution of the Punjab Assembly all the parties endorsed it,” he argued.

He said it was the worst exploitation of people of Bahawalpur but also of the residents of Multan and DG Khan area, who desired Siraiki Province with Multan as its provincial capital.

The people from both sides of the area completely reject the stunt launched by the ruling elite that wished to lure out perks and privileges for them and for the “children” instead of those who were living below the poverty line and were hoping to get their due share after the restoration of Bahawalpur province, he added.

Replying to a question, Durrani urged the PPP leadership to explain if the statement of the governor was also the stance and policy of the PPP? “The people of Bahawalpur along with those who fought the case of restoration of province will resist such a move with tooth and nail and in a more vigorous manner than was witnessed in 1970,” he responded.

He said the painful journey of people of Bahawalpur for their rights under constitution and law was filled with tears and sorrows. He said the people of Bahawalpur would not sacrifice for the political whims of some frustrated elements that hindered the restoration of province when they were in power. “Now they are also bent upon stabbing the Siriaki people too,” he said.