LAHORE – Ameer Jamaatud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed on Monday said that if the US was truly sincere with the war against terror then India should get the same treatment after the Indian Home Minister had admitted the presence of terror camps in India.

Addressing a hurriedly called press conference at Jamia Masjid Al-Qadsia, he said “if the US is sincere in its commitment to wipe out terrorists and their camps, it must now target Indian groups and their training camps with drones and ban them, after Sushil Kumar Shinde officially admitted BJP, RSS and Shiv Sena promoting Hindu terrorism and running training camps”.

He also urged upon UN that it was time to ban Indian extremist organisations like BJP, RSS, Shiv Sena and others.

Hafiz Saeed said after Shinde admitted Hindu terrorists were behind incidents of Makka Masjid, Malegaon, Samjhota Express and other acts of terrorism, it was proved that India had been leveling baseless allegations against Pakistan as cover up. He said that admissions not only torn apart the idol of secularism of India but also snatched all justification from Pakistan to award MFN status to arch enemy. He urged Pakistani government to raise all the terrorism incidents in Pakistan and India to the UN and demand extradition of Hindu terrorists. He announced that JD would soon hold a public meeting at The Mall along with the heirs of those martyred in Samjhota Express to raise the voice of innocent victims. He expressed concerns over continued silence of Pakistani authorities against raising voice on US-Indian conspiracies against Pakistan’s nuclear assets and subversion inside Pakistani territory especially in Balochistan. He warned that US and India were planning to target Pakistan’s nuclear and missile program, adding that allowing CIA to freely strike inside Pakistan with drones was part of the same conspiracy,. He said it was clear that entire terrorism was being carried out from the soil of US, India and Israel, and Indian army was also fully involved in terrorism in Pakistan which was evident from the arrest of Col Prohat. He said it was now proved beyond doubts that all the terrorism incidents inside Pakistan were being carried out and controlled from Indian soil but its blame was being shamelessly put on Taliban and Jihadi organisations.