Dr Aafia Siddiqui is undoubtedly an upright, humane, extremely bright and highly educated woman. Having achieved very high marks she did not opt for medical profession, as she could not stand blood. She loved children and was enthusiastic about researching new methods to improve learning in childhood. In all her good intentions she wanted to spread the word of Quran and Islam to the American people. One may not agree with her work but there is no prohibition in extending the message of Islam. The enemies of Islam in America could not tolerate Dr Aafia’s activity as they saw an end to their exploitation of common Americans along with their resources.

Although Martin Luther’s dream was an Islamic one i.e. no discrimination on the basis of color, Dr Aafia’s dream was infinitely larger! The highly motivated and caring Aafia wanted to cure American people’s ills. As happened many times in the past such people are ridiculed, made targets of false allegations and murder attacks. Aafia had all of these qualities. She and her three innocent little children were subjected to worst terrorism by the same forces which have in their own way declared a war on terror! They have not only deceived the world but also common American people who are being used blatantly in unjust wars!

Dr Aafia along with her three children was abducted when she was on her way to Islamabad to join a local hospital for helping children learn better. She had made arrangements for admission in local schools. Can any sane person believe that a fragile woman with six months old Salman, two years old Maryam and seven years old Ahmad would go to hostile Afghanistan to do jihad? Why not leave her children with her parents? Dr Aafia and her children were sold for millions. She was kept in Afghanistan by the occupying forces. Her seven year old son was kept in shackles all the time along with 300 Arab children in Afghan President Karzai’s jail. No so-called Human Rights, Woman Rights and Children Rights raised a finger against this global terrorism. Dr Aafia was shot by a trigger happy nervous American soldier; the bullet narrowly escaped her heart.

Massive lies were uttered by the House of White Lies (White House)! All allegations were proved wrong and did not hold water and hence dropped. Nonetheless she was charged with holding a gun against an American soldier. The alleged gun did not have her finger prints; yet she was given 86 year rigorous imprisonment by an extremely biased Judge who is a committed Zionist. Israeli and American Zionists fabricated games of 9/11 were played and all Muslims and Islam were taken hostage by Zionist controlled media. A full fledged global terrorism began and Muslim countries were targeted. An innocent woman and her three innocent young children, who were illegally, unconstitutionally, inhumanly and un-Islamic ally handed over by an illegitimate regime, to the global terrorists.


Islamabad, January 20.