BAHAWALPUR - PPP District Information Secretary Muhammad Saleem Bhatti has said that the masses will vote for PPP in upcoming general elections for the sustainability of democracy in the country.

He was addressing a party workers meeting organised by the local residents of Chak 33/BC here the other day.

He said that the system could be transformed if the voters would elect sincere, dedicated and honest representatives so that corrupt practices in all fields could be rooted out.

Bhatti urged the people to exercise their right to vote in favour of the PPP in the upcoming general elections for a better future of the country.

“Only people can change destiny of the country by voting for the right people in the next general elections,” he said

He said that the PPP-led government had run country’s affairs in consultation with the opposition; this was why the political scenario was in favour of democracy even during the Qadri long march.

He underlined the need for bridging the gulf between provinces, adding that the PPP would ensure autonomy of provinces after coming into power in order to end their deprivation, he maintained.

While criticising the PML-N, Bhatti said that the people of the Punjab would not be left at the mercy of “cruel Lahori rulers”.

He criticised the crucial situation of education and health facilities in PP-272 as well as the law and order situation in the area. He said that the Punjab government had given the people death, theft, extortion and unemployment. He said that bloodshed, terror and horror had become rule of the day under the reign of Khadem-e-Aala.

He said that poor policies of the Mian brothers had destroyed industry and agriculture in the province.

While claiming credit for the restoration of judiciary, Bhatti said that it was the result of Benazir Bhutto’s blood which initiated the elected government to restore the judges.

Bhatti said that the PPP government saved the judiciary as the country would be further strengthened with presence of strong institutions.

He proclaimed the upcoming general elections would be held on time.