Hopefully, the Punjab government’s drive against measles in the province would help contain the spread of the disease that in the past two months has affected 1,470 people in the province, killing seven of them. The situation is worse off in Sindh where it has claimed over 400 lives necessitating the army to set up free medical camps. In Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has also taken certain measures that include orders to the health department to arrest further spread of the virus. A meeting of the health EDOs was held which decided to take anti-measles measures and start a vaccination campaign in the affected areas. But while the Punjab setup is taking these measures, it will matter a lot what is done in Sindh to save people from falling prey to it.

As things stand, efforts must be focused to stamp out the virus. If not overcome it could take the country into its tentacles. Our preparation to fight such diseases on an average is, generally, below satisfactory. There is polio among others that in recent years seem to be staging a comeback; more and more cases are being reported which points to lapses in the vaccination campaign. Also the extremist forces on a campaign of violence against the vaccination workers must be stopped.