For a President who soon after taking office tendered an unconditional apology to the people of Balochistan for the past wrongs inspiring hope of the conflict’s prompt settlement, his continued lacklustre approach is far from admirable. Consider the gruesome incidents occurring in the past few weeks which surprisingly could elicit only his assurance to Governor Magsi on Sunday that he would soon visit the province. How soon, no one knows.

There is the factor of now-sacked provincial setup itself whose unscrupulous character only added fuel to the fire. It surely was lacking in will to normalise the law and order but reports suggest that it acted like a coterie of thieves who made off with whatever funds were given to the province. The NAB has taken into custody documentary record involving five provincial ministers alongside initiating an inquiry over corruption charges. Already, NAB is pursuing inquiry against 11 legislators. It is a great shame for this lot of MPs led by Chief Minister Raisani that there is hardly anything worth appreciation when it comes to easing the pains of their people. Obviously this is going to further erode their credibility in the eyes of the Baloch who have been crying out against the rule of Sardars, Nawabs and Chieftains. The case will put NAB’s impartiality to the test.