ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Mian Mazoor Ahmed Wattoo on Monday told the lower house of the Parliament that Kashmir was a disputed territory, so no Pakistani can buy land in the region whereas Kashmiris can buy land in Pakistan and even can contest elections.

Mian Mazoor Ahmed Wattoo while answering to questions on the matter told the house that until the issue is resolved through United Nations or otherwise, land could not be bought by a Pakistani in Kashmir. It was prohibited under Article 4 of AJK Alienation of Land Act, 1995 Bik (1898 AD), he said. He also claimed that the situation was the same for the Indians and they could not buy land in Indian Occupied Kashmir as the territory was disputed for the countries.

To a question, he informed the house that Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto made AJK Interim Constitution 1974. Under the Constitution, AJK Legislative Assembly and AJK Council could make legislation according to their jurisdiction, he added. While answering to a question about the tax system in Kashmir, he informed the lower house that council was responsible to collect tax from the citizens. He told that 80 per cent of tax was transferred to Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government and the council to run its business retained remaining 20 per cent.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar in her written reply regarding the death of three Pakistanis in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia told the house, "FIR is registered in cases of death by the local police authorities in prima facie evidence exists pertaining to the involvement of some criminal intent i.e. Murder/ Qatal. These three Pakistani nationals died due to electrocution. Hence no FIR was registered by the local police authority nor is any case under trial in Shariah Court". Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Railways while answering to questions in the lower house said that railway had 265 engines at the moment and only 153 were working out of them. While answering to another question he claimed that no new recruitment was made in Pakistan Railways since 2008.

It was pointed out by the members, that in 2008 Railways had 450 trains running and despite of all subsidies given to the organisation, 400 trains have been shut down. Parliamentary Secretary whereas replied that 153 engines were working and those are not enough. He said that year's back 69 engines were imported from China and only 13 are operational out of them. He also said that if the government could provide new engines the situation could get better.