RAHIM YAR KHAN (Online) - Leader of ‘Bahawalpur Province Restoration Movement’ and former Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Muhammad Ali Durrani has said that the people will accept no declaration except the announcement of the reinstatement of Bahawalpur province.

Talking to Online here on Monday, Ali Durrani said that as the patron of the provincial assembly, even the Governor had got no prerogative to deny the unanimous resolution approved by the Punjab Assembly with relevance to restoration of Bahawalpur Province. “Any such announcement before the presentation of the recommendations by Parliamentary Commission for Provinces in the National Assembly would suspect the credibility of the Commission,” he said.

Durrani said that they deny any declaration other than the restoration of Bahawalpur as a separate province, and term such message as an attempt to deceive the people of Multan and DG Khan, which will be strongly resisted.

He further said that Senate had accepted the argument made by them about the restoration of Bahawalpur as a province. All the political parties other than the nationalist parties of Sindh, and including the religious ones from Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and all others having representation in the provincial assembly, agreed upon the legal, constitutional, historic and moral status of the restoration of Bahawalpur as a province.

Former Federal Minister observed that it was right of the people that Multan become capital of the future Seraiki Province.

In reply to a question, Muhammad Ali Durrani said that the people of Bahawalpur would accept nothing other than Bahawalpur to become a separate provincial entity. “The province of Bahawalpur will be reinstated to end the deprivation of its poor population, and not for creation of new official positions,” he added.

Answering another question, Durrani said that the ones who held the office of premiership could not make the Seraiki people get their rights. He claimed that the people of Bahawalpur are ready to protest on roads to seek their rights.

Desperate elements that are holding the office of premiership and still are an obstacle in the way of rights of the masses of Bahawalpur are actually deceiving the Seraiki people, Durrani added.