ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's worldwide renowned psychologist Dr Najma Aziz on Monday snubbed members of investigation team probing NAB official's death, and advised them to record her statement through proper channel in case if they want to question her regarding her deceased client, Kamran Faisal.

Sources told TheNation on Monday that investigators on Monday approached psychologist Najma Aziz and asked her to confirm or deny the reports suggesting that deceased Kamran Faisal remained under her treatment.

The investigation team, according to hospital sources, also tried to press the well reputed psychologist to reveal details of her conversation with the deceased and that what made him to visit her.

"Investigators were eager to know what made Kamran Faisal to visit psychologist. They also tried to press Dr Najma give her statement in this regards," sources privy to development told TheNation ,adding, that it was behaviour of investigators that not only irritated country's world-fame psychologist but also prompted her to refuse cooperation with them.

"She refused to record her statement and advised the investigators to approach head of polyclinic hospital where she is practicing currently," a source close to Dr Najma told TheNation on Monday quoting her.

It merits mentioning here that Dr Najma told her boss, head of polyclinic hospital of her intentions not to record the statement. However on Monday, she asked the investigation team of Islamabad Capital Territory police to follow standard procedures to approach her to record her statement.

"Dr Najma made it clear to investigation team that she was interested to record her statement. However, she advised head of investigators to request head of polyclinic hospital seeking cooperation from a staff doctor of the hospital", source told TheNation quoting the psychologist. Reportedly, deceased Kamran Faisal had visited psychologist Dr. Najma Aziz a couple of weeks back. However, it was not known why did he visit a psychologist. A team of investigators including officers of Islamabad Capital Territory police investigating Kamran Faisal's death approached Dr Najma on Monday to record her statement in this regard.