LAHORE-Accusing the PPP of doing pre-poll rigging, senior PML-N leader Senator Tariq Azeem has called upon the Supreme Court and the Election Commission of Pakistan to take notice of these irregularities ahead of the elections.

“As the elections are drawing near day by day, the PPP has also geared up its activities to rig the elections beforehand”, he remarked while talking to media on Monday.

Giving an example of pre-poll rigging, Senator Azim said that discretionary funds of the prime minister had been increased and recruitments in grade 17 were being made for postings in the Excise and Taxation department of Sindh.

“These vacancies fall in the purview of the Public Service Commission, but the government was making recruitment through departmental committee only to oblige the jialas and to influence the elections”, he observed, adding that PPP’s advertisement campaign implying official resources was yet another facet of its pre-poll rigging.

“The Supreme Court and the ECP should take notice of these irregularities”, he affirmed. 

The PML-N accused the PPP of doing nothing for the poor in its five year tenure. “Roati, kapra aur makan” still remains a dream for the poor in this country”, he added. The PPP, he alleged, did nothing except promoting corruption and unemployment besides adding miseries in people’s lives through massive loadshedding and price hike.

“Now as the elections are round the corner, the government has started distributing jobs among the jialas. But such tactics are not going to save it from the disgraceful defeat in coming polls”, he maintained. Azeem was confident that people were fed up with the PPP and wont vote for it in the coming elections.