KARACHI - Pakistani youth can now avail the best possible higher education in Malaysia that ranks among the top in the world. This was said by Malaysian Consul General Abu Bakar Mamat while inaugurating the two-day 9th Study Malaysia Exhibition Expo held in a local hotel. The Malaysian Consul General said the quality of education and scholarships provided by the Malaysian universities for Pakistani students should make Malaysia the first destination for Pakistani youth seeking higher education. Mamat also met the Malaysian universities delegation, students and their parents, and cross-checked the quality of services being provided by the organiser for this all-Malaysian event. The Managing Director of North Pole International (Pvt) Ltd and chief organiser of this event in Pakistan, Babar Bashir Ahmad, thanked the chief guest and the participating universities and termed the launch of this event an excellent opportunity for people in Pakistan. He added that top Malaysian Universities representatives available to guide career savvy students and their parents on study options available in Malaysia. Bashir Ahmad pointed out that with the uncertain political and economic situation in Pakistan, and the strict visa policy in most western countries were factors that had forced potential students in this region to look for an alternative from usual choice of UK, USA, Australia and Canada. The two-day exhibition was organised by North Pole International (Pvt) Ltd. The exhibition will also be held in Lahore on Jan 22 and 23 and Islamabad on Jan 25.