ISLAMABAD - A wild boar on Monday exposed higher authorities of CDA (who had earlier claimed to have made the capital free of boars), by attacking a four-year-old kid and an old man in the metropolis, police said on Monday.

According to the police, the wild boar severely injured the kid and an old man in separate attacks in Rawal Town.

Authorities of CDA have confirmed the incident, however, refused to comment when asked what sort of measures they have taken to prevent the citizens of the federal capital from wild boars in future.

The police told TheNation that a big boar had bitten a man and a kid on the back and leg.

“Both the victims got severe injuries and were rushed to hospital following the attack,” a police source said.

Wild boars are relatively common in Islamabad, though they rarely cause problems beyond digging up gardens.

A wave of fear has been felt amongst the residents of Islamabad following the boar attack. The citizens, especially those who are habitual of morning walk have called upon the authorities of CDA to take measures on war footings to avoid such attacks in future.

“I regularly visit the site where the boar had attacked the kid and the old man. I use to go for a morning walk there. However, the incident has frightened me. Should I take a shot gun to keep myself safe from attack of this animal,” Mohammd Suleman, a government servant, said when contacted.

The wild pigs, which feast on rubbish outside homes and restaurants, are said to be a major cause of traffic accidents, and will charge if frightened or injured. The campaign to eliminate boars started in March 2012, following a wild boar’s attack on a senior police officer in February 2012.