ISLAMABAD - Having gone through the Order Sheets and coming to the conclusion prima facie that no diligent or prompt action appears to have been taken by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and also that the Prosecutor General Accountability (PGA) is not under instructions from the chairman, the NAB chief is directed to appear in Court today to furnish an explanation in the Supreme Court (SC).

Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja gave these remarks while presiding over a 3-member bench of SC during the course of hearing of implementation of apex court verdict in former OGRA chairman Tauqir Sadiq case. The court summoned chairman NAB today to explain the position in this case. Justice Jawwad remarked, “Inquiry has been prolonged. So much time has been elapsed.

K.K. Agha appeared before the court on Tuesday and said he had contacted the office. Shahid Sheikh is dealing with this case that has gone to Karachi in connection with a course. Inquiry was started on November 30, 2011. Information was collected from FIA in December, notices were issued to Tauqir Sadiq in January, 2012 and witnesses were also summoned.

Justice Jawwad remarked, “I have become much disturbed due to your talks. Prime Fasciae it is such a mega scandal. NAB is spoiling this case by dealing it in a casual way. It is an ordinary case in your view while it is not like this. Study the November 25 decision. The case is now with prosecution and the concerned authorities have not taken any decision with reference to this case so far nor are further chances of taking any decision there.

Justice Jawwad said, “As many as 26 months have elapsed that the decision was given. NAB had no chairman for the last five months. No proceeding has been initiated in the reference during the last 21 months. We are nowhere; we were on November 25, 2011. No distance has been covered.” 

Justice Jawwad remarked, “The way you are working, can take two years rather than two weeks. If there is any cogent explanation we can give two years. But no explanation has been given Law has empowered chairman NAB and if he does not take any decision then the matter will remain stalled. We will also close down the file.  K.K Agha said “this case has taken much time. Please give 3 to 4 days more. Justice Jawwad said we are not preventing you from conducting investigation.

Only tell us you have implemented which directive of the court. No judge among us is pleased with you. We are not ready to give you two to three weeks.

The court ruled, “if chairman NAB is not there or chairman does not take action then matters are becoming pending and this court has also no authority to do anything.  This is the only question which is of paramount importance. The culprits get opportunity to be released in corruption cases due to these facts.”

He observed, “Enough is enough; Chairman NAB will have to explain the whole matter now. Law does not say that chairman NAB should go on sleeping and if he is present even then no action is taken. NAB has not taken action against its officers so far.”