Reading every day about the million problems that Pakistan faces I am astounded why no one comes up with the solutions. Everyone knows the problems and many intelligent, educated people also know the answers but nothing is being done to save this country which is rushing towards disaster which will finish us all? Though Pakistan is confronting enormous challenges it also has the capability to come up with solutions. Pakistan has been bestowed with abundant natural resources which need to be explored and used for our country’ benefit.

It is the seventh atomic power of the world, having a very strong army, pivotal geo-strategic location and ample human resources. It is high time the government should formulate comprehensive policy to counter these grave issues and resolve them. Political consensus, constructive role of Executive, Judiciary, Legislative and Media can put the country back on the track of integration and stability. If the government shows altruism and sincere determination to serve the country, Pakistan can become a prosperous, progressive, peaceful and stable state as envisaged by Quaid-e-Azam. Thus we should follow the footsteps and guideline of our great Quaid he said we have to be alert, very alert, for the time for our relaxation is not yet here. He added that with faith, discipline and selfless devotion to our duty, we can achieve anything. I strongly believe that all we need is the will and we will bring back Pakistan’s glory.


Mardan, January 20.