What we need now is to end the political grudges and the past bitterness and move ahead and have a friendly relationship with our immediate neighbour India. Amid the growing uncertainties and threats of war, trade improvement can be instrumental in establishing peace in South Asia. To start with we can grant India the status of MFN. Establishment of SAARC was a good initiative taken in 1985, but it has not been an effective tool to bring prosperity and integrity to the region.

The ongoing clashes between Pakistan and India did not let the regional organization to bring all member states on one platform to ensure integrity in the region. MFN status had been given to India in Dec 2012, but unfortunately we could not benefit from it. More than a year has passed, recently Indian and Pakistani Commerce Secretaries met to draw a roadmap to end problems related to trade. Indeed, we are good in theories not in implementation but now it’s time to act rather than regret in future. We have already experienced wars and conflicts with India, but what did we e gain from them? Shouldn’t we give peace and improved economic ties a chance to prove their worth?


Gwadar, January 17.