LAHORE - Terrorists don’t believe in any law and they must be replied with education as war with pen can be more effective than the war with sword. People of Pakistan have told the enemies that they are the bravest nation in the world. Media should avoid to air and publish any word which could spread violence and sectarianism in the country.

These views were expressed by leaders of different political and religious parties in a seminar at Lahore Press Club (LPC) on Wednesday. The LPC had organised the seminar to present tribute to the students of Army Public School and Aitzaz Hasan – the martyr student of Hango School who lost his life to catch a suicide bomber trying to enter the school.

PPP’s Jahangir Badar, PML-N’s Zaeem Qadri, Khawaja Salam Rafique, PTI’s Aleem Khan, ANP’s Ehsan Wyne, Known journalist Sohail Warraich, APS students Kamran Haider, Awal Hussain, Mian Ahmed, Tufail Ahmed and late Aitzaz’s father Mujahid Ali Bangish and uncle Amjad Bangish spoke on the occasion.

The speakers paid glowing tribute to the martyrs of APS and others who fought bravely against the terrorists and lost their lives in defence of the country. The stressed the need for unity among the Pakistani nation and felt the need to bring educational revolution in the country to defeat the terrorists.

They vowed to continue their efforts for development and prosperity of the country.