All public and private schools reopened after unusual winter break of 24 days. The parents sent their children with smiling faces but their hearts were heavy. The Chief of Army Staff was at the gate of Army Public School Peshawar to welcome and encourage the students. To help further a team of psychiatrist was arranged to deal with trauma felt by the children who survived. Parents would not like to stop children from going to school because without education there is no future for our children. Education is so vital that parents are willing to send their children despite the threats and fear.

We must ask ourselves do the children of these terrorists go to schools. Did our government provide them any education in the last six decades? We all know that the difference between these beasts and civilized human beings is education. It is also evident that the war against terrorism can’t be won only with bombs. We should support government in showing no mercy to these killers but the clash of mindset can be transformed only through education. Therefore, government should include counterterrorism in its agenda and the major point should be to provide free education. We need to change the mindset of the next generation of these extremists by education and turning them into responsible citizens of Pakistan. Every child is born innocent.


Lahore, January 12.