A century old club, located on Upper Mall Lahore, once famous for its exclusive membership is today in shambles and is a microcosm of the cancer that afflicts Pakistan from within. Elections, which over the years were always held in December, stand postponed, after questions were asked about gross irregularities in making new members in violation of laws and traditions evolved over years. A novel approach was adopted to justify memberships, given to over 500 new members, bypassing thousands who were waiting for several years, by Committee of Management that there was no Constitution or Memorandum of Laws since no original copy could be found.

Those who were elected on basis of existing constitution, instead of defending it took a novel method to regularize ‘A- Membership,’ a type which never existed in clubs with century old tradition. All it took was a series of elections, following deliberate modus-operandi to build up a constituency by few corrupt bureaucrats in connivance with some traders. When questions were raised, all irregularities were regularized by holding General Body with a quorum of just 250 members, with all those who were made permanent members, in violation of laws in attendance. Abuse of power, disregard of laws, ethics and traditions is all it takes to destroy an organization, an institution and likewise a country.


Islamabad, January 18.