Karachi is one of the most massive and thickly populated city. Its ever increasing population has made it very congested and crowded, this congestion results in heavy traffic on narrow roads. The number of vehicles has doubled, but not the roads causing many problems. Many Ambulances are daily stuck in the traffic jams causing life threatening situation. In every civilized country there is a side lane open for police and ambulances only to facilitate the citizens.

Most commuters don’t give way to an approaching ambulance, for them reaching on time is much more important than a life. Government should reserve a special lane for emergencies, to ensure that no ambulance gets stuck in the traffic and traffic police should make sure that the lane is strictly reserved for emergencies only. It is also the duty of the citizens to be kind enough to give space to ambulances, so that they can reach the hospitals in time. Lives are really precious and should be saved at any cost.


Karachi, January 18.