LAHORE - The Defence Council of Pakistan organised the Ittehad Ummat Conference in Badami Bagh on Sunday.

Speakers from all schools of thought (Brelvi, Deoband, Ahle Hadith and Shia) attended the conference and said the solution to all problems of the country lied in unity. They said the Muslim unity was vital for the freedom of Kashmir and Palestine.

The speakers said the atomic Pakistan was a guarantee to the defence of entire Muslim world.

They condemned what they called the rulers’ polite attitude towards India and their urge to develop friendship with Delhi despite Indian occupied forces’ worst violence against people of Kashmir.

They said that friendship with India at the cost of Kashmir was not acceptable.

Abdur Rahman Makki, Tehseen Khan, Abu Hashim, Maulana Bashir Khaki and others spoke on the occasion. People from different walks of life attend the event.