Islamabad - Islahee Jamaat and Aalmi Tanzeem-ul-Arifeen of the shrine of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo held annual Milad-e-Mustafa (PBUH) and Haq Bahoo Conference at Jinnah Convention Centre on Sunday.

Patron-in-chief Sultan Ali presided over the event. Secretary General of the Jamaat and Tanzeem Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali addressed the gathering. He said that there was no denying the fact that the message given by sufis was directly in concordance with the injunctions of the Holy Quran.

They manifested pragmatic precepts of the Holy Quran. Most of the literature written by sufis is full of Quranic verses with a rich pool of the sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Our society today is facing an acute shortage of ethics followed by insincerity. Lack of morality and sincerity are among major positives of our society, which are declining today, he said. In this respect, these two things are vehemently propagated by contemporary sufis, he added.

Another major challenge faced by our society is politics guided by socio-economic interests. Recent events, particularly with special reference to the prevailing social evils in our society, provide astounding evidence in this regard. One can find tens and thousands of people defending a murderer in our daily courts, but it is really difficult to find people standing behind the effected family, the secretary general said.

Ethics and sincerity are depleting fast from our society. Deteriorating condition of Kashmir, Palestine as well as the Middle East speaks clear of the reality that international politics is purely guided by economic and political interests. Love and sympathy for Ummah has been the guiding principle since the advent of Islam. Unfortunately, the concept of Ummah is also declining today, he lamented.

Muslim society has been intentionally divided into various factions followed by international games. Muslims are at the mercy of proxy wars. Weapons are beings used to make money. Human blood has been cheaper than any other commodity. International community is silent over persecution of Muslims in Kashmir and Myanmar just because of their economic interests, he elaborated.

Middle East is burning only due to the negligence and hegemonic designs prevalent in world politics. However, sufis are such towering personalities who manifest Islam in letter and spirit. Their style of love, peace and harmony is the need of the hour. Quran is evident that how Pharaoh and his companions were first destroyed and then made a mark for rest of the generations, he said.