Islamabad - With a focus on capacity building, Inspector General Police Islamabad, Dr. Sultan Azam Temuri has vowed to make Islamabad police a model force for others to follow.

He said that he was working on five core values to be instilled in the police force so that corruption could be eliminated from the department and it could be made a model of excellence. “I want to lift the standard of professionalism and integrity to the level where common man holds a different perception about police than previously,” he told The Nation in an interview. As head of the department, his prime objective he said was purging Islamabad police of corruption.

Temuri said that he has decided to set up an ‘Institution of Prosecution’ and ‘School of Investigation’ to improve the standard of investigation and prosecution. Both the institutions have been set up at the police training school at the Islamabad Police Lines. Similarly, ‘School of Anti-riot’ and ‘School of Intelligence’ are being established at the police lines where high class visiting faculty would be engaged to equip the officers with better professional skills. He said that Turkish officials have trained the master trainers of anti-riot unit. The purpose of whole the exercise, he said, is capacity building of the police force. He further said that the Special Branch is being developed into a counter-terrorism department.

The IGP said that elimination of corruption from the police is the core value of the department. He lamented that prosecution and investigation in the department could not be separated so far, which has adversely affected the performance of the police.

The IGP also admitted that the land grabbers in Islamabad are influential and well connected (to the political parties) therefore the police cannot be very effective against them. However, he vowed that the police are taking the cases of land grabbing very seriously and doing utmost to keep a vigilant check on activities of land mafia. He said that Islamabad police is committed to enforce laws equally irrespective of ranks, status and creed for the broader interest of public. “No one is above law, it is for everyone,” he maintained.

Temuri said that keeping in view the safety of the capital’s residents, a Chinese company has been invited to review the function and utility of the over 2000 CCTV cameras installed under the Safe City project in the city. Once all the cameras get operational, the monitoring of the city would be much better which will ultimately help check crime. He said that police patrolling plan has been revised for a better response in case of any untoward situation.

To a question regarding complaints of harassment at work place, the IGP said that at present there is no complaint of the sort. He informed that a committee has been set up to address the issue of harassment as the department is taking the issue very seriously. He said the women police station is being developed into ‘Violence against Women Centre’. 

To another question regarding street crime, Temuri said that there is special focus to curb street crime and human intelligence mechanism is being improved to reach the anti-social elements at the earlier stage. The police chief said that Islamabad police will engage and interact with all the segments of society and promote volunteerism in the capital city. He said that community policing officers would be posted at the police stations. “Under the Neighbourhood Watch Programme, the residents would get to know their neighbour and stay vigilant,” he added. “It is a way of reducing crime by organizing the people who live in an area to watch each other’s property and report to the police about possible criminals,” he told The Nation. He said the members of community watch group will share local information with police including suspicious activities and persons in the area.

The IGP said that the total sanctioned strength of ICT police is 12014 whereas 10632 seats are filled to-date. He said that the present strength of women in the ICT police is 282 and that he wants improved representation of women in the department. He believed that law and order is a pre-requisite for socio-economic prosperity and political stability of any country. “In view of this objective, the Islamabad Capital Territory police strive to provide a safe and secure environment to the citizens by combating organized crime and terrorism,” he said. He was of the view that core values of Islamabad police include equal application of law, professionalism and a corruption-free department.

Talking about the initiatives aimed at public service, the IGP said that a Citizen Service Centre has been established at G-8 markaz of Islamabad where citizens will get all essential services under one roof. The facilities include vehicle verification, tenant registration, servant registration, foreigners’ registration, character certificate, drivers’ learner permit, and lost documents report. He said that a complaint centre has been established at central police office where staff members listen to the complaints and take prompt action regarding the issues of general public. He said that model police stations in Islamabad would improve the perception of police by engaging community at different platforms. “The aim of model police stations is community policing, technology-led policing and intelligence-led policing,” he concluded.