KARACHI - Inspector General of Police (IGP Sindh) AD Khawaja in his directives issued Sunday has asked all divisional level Senior Superintendent Police (SSPs) to review and ensure strict implementation of National Action Plan, particularly in Upper Sindh.

The concerned officers were urged to equally focus on elimination of serious crimes, with major focus on abduction and loss to public life as well as property in any manner.

Increase in the number police force and strict vigilance coupled with patrolling on highways connecting Sindh to Balochistan was also ordered, specifically during night hours.

Relevant officials were further directed to urgently hold police darbars in their respective jurisdiction, emphasizing that dates of Darbars alongwith relevant records be despatched to IGP office.

SSPs were asked to dedicate a special day for bereaved families of cops martyred in line of their duty ensuring that widows and concerned close family members may share any problem faced by them with equal attention as how the department can help these addressed.

Presence of public in such darbars was recommended with equal attention towards strengthening of relations with media on basis of mutual trust and respect.

Urging the SSPs to extend top priority to merit, they were directly personally monitor high profile cases.

Lists of gun men and guards were also ordered to be forwarded to DIG Headquarters on urgent basis coupled with necessary training of police staffers in geo-fencing.