Islamabad - Residents of twin cities urged quarters concerned to start an awareness drive to stop bikers from violating traffic rules on busy roads.

They said that young and under-age motorbike users had become nuisance for motorists, as during the rush hours at busy roads, their traffic violations could lead to serious accidents.

They said that many motorbike users used wrong lanes, which are not allocated for them. They use fast lanes, which are only allowed for motorcars for overtaking or used for a short time. “Due to wrong riding of bikers, many residents face untoward situation while using roads. They abruptly come to the wrong lane and sometimes hit bumpers of motorcars,” Zahoor Ahmad, a motorist said.

“I had to replace the bumper besides receiving scratches on car body several times due to the wrong driving of bikers in fast lane of main roads”. Aftab Qureshi, another car user, said, adding, “This is very unfortunate and life threatening, which needs proper attention of the traffic wardens who are deployed on major roads”.

Adnan Malik, a resident of Media Town, said, “Almost daily in evening time, some young bikers in a group start using busy roads and remain in fast lane creating disturbance for motorists. “This is happening on regular basis but traffic police looks helpless to stop these violators who are not actually playing with their own lives but with other road users as well, even in the presence of traffic wardens.”

Salim Khan, a resident, urged Islamabad Traffic Police to educate such violators, who are becoming a threat to road users by starting a regular awareness drive besides imposing heavy fines on them to discourage this practice.

When contacted, an official of the ITP said the ITP had already stared awareness drive to educate the road users. He said that further steps would be taken to educate motorbike users. He said that the ITP during its on-going drive had imposed heavy fines on violation of traffic rules by underage and young bikers.