Pakistan-US relations continue to be treading on difficult path particularly after new President Donald Trump has entered the White House in Washington early last year. 

Though Islamabad has repeatedly been saying that it needs trust and respect and not aid, the US President has quite deplorably started hurling accusations and threatening to stop military and civil assistance to Pakistan 

National Security Committee in its emergent meeting under chairmanship of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in Islamabad has reviewed President Trump’s latest tirade against Pakistan and despite its being quite provocative has quite wisely decided not to react to this in a hasty manner at all. 

The Committee has made it yet again amply clear that Pakistan is not responsible for the failures in Afghanistan and described the US President’s latest outburst as quite unfortunate but still it will not react in a haste and remain committed to playing a constructive role in an Afghan-owned peace process not only for the sake of its own people but also for peace and security of the region and international community. 

According to the reports in the media, the Committee participated by all its civil and military members after due deliberations expressed its deep disappointment over the recent statements of the US leadership and emphatically reaffirmed that Pakistani people hold their national pride very dear are capable of defending their motherland. And that blaming allies indeed do not serve the shared objective of achieving lasting peace in Afghanistan and the region. The committee has quite rightly and wisely opined that despite all unwarranted allegations, Pakistan will not react in haste and noted that that the close interaction with the US leadership. Following the US President’s new South Asia policy announcement has so far been useful in creating a better understanding of each other’s perspectives. This is quite an appreciable stance which Islamabad has taken in the prevailing situation 


Rawalpindi, January 3.