LAHORE - A wave of anger has run among the senior PIA officers after appointment of several juniors officers on senior slots and new appointments of inexperienced persons against high salaries, sources in the national carrier said on Sunday.

“We can go on strike anytime like the CAA officers who were protesting against their DG’s decisions and attitude for last several days,” a senior PIA officer told this scribe, seeking anonymity.

Sources in the airline say that CEO Musharraf Rasool, since his taking control six months ago, has posted many junior officers on senior positions.

Amir Bashir, General Manager Passenger Handling Service (a Group 10 post) was transferred and Group 9 officer, Zulqernain, posted in his place. Similarly, Nousherwan Adil, GM Passengers Sales was transferred and a junior officer of Group 8 posted at the vacant post.

Also, Nouman Munir, GM Cargo was transferred and Sami Baig, an FA pass officer of group 9, was posted on the position for which graduation is mandatory.

Interestingly, Baig retired this month and His Leave Pending Retirement (LPR) started from January 14, but he is attending office on verbal directions of the CEO.

Abdullah, another group 8 officer, was appointed on GM Brand Management position after transferring a qualified officer of group 10 - Amir Memon.

The story does not end here. Three Human Resource Management officers Zafar, Changezi and Akbar were transferred from their managerial positions and junior officers Faraz, Athar and Tariq of group 8 and 9 were posted there. Moreover, none of them possesses HR background: Faraz is from audit, Athar from Customers Service and Tariq from Cargo.

Hiring of inexperienced persons

Another injustice, according to PIA officers , is government’s direct hiring of ‘outsiders’, who have no background in aviation, on senior slots against heavy salaries.

Legal Consultant Ahmad Rouf is drawing Rs1.8 million as monthly salary. Chief HR Isma Bajwa, who is about to join, will draw Rs2.2 million. IT chief Kashif Rana has been appointed against Rs1.4 million salary, COO against Rs1.8 million, while the CEO is drawing more than Rs2 million per month.

Financial mess

PIA’s financial condition has worsened further since the appointment of CEO Musharraf Rasool Cyan, who claimed at the time of his appointment that he would put the airline on the path of profit and prosperity.

The losses have increased since he took control six months ago. PIA has suffered Rs15 billion losses during the last quarter of 2017, while the losses incurred during first, second and third quarters were Rs11 billion, 11 billion and Rs9 billion respectively.

Probably this was why the PIA has not updated its financial report on its website, though any corporation or company is bound to display its quarterly reports on their websites as per SECP requirement.

Total losses incurred during 2017 are Rs46 billion, which is Rs7 billion more than that of 2016 when the airline suffered Rs39 billions loss despite meeting two major disruptions: a plane crash near Hawelian and PIA employees strike – during which not only the flight operation was suspended but also an employee was killed and few others injured.

When contacted, PIA spokesman denied rejected all the above assertions and claimed that all transfers and postings were made on merit while the airline also earned operating profit during last quarter of 2017.