Literature students cannot look at anything from a single angle. There is always another side, a deeper layer for them to unearth and develop their stance. For me, if it wouldn't have been literature, it would have been law, as I always tend to notice the unnoticed.

Target killing and murdering the innocent citizens have become so common in today's world, that it no longer moves the common people, as it used to, in past. We have become insensitive to such an extent that we tend to flip the news channels when they are airing such stories. A similar case has occurred in Karachi, where a 21 year old boy, Intizar Ahmed was shot dead by ACLC personnel in Defence Housing Authority (DHA). Intizar at the time of the incident was accompanied by a girl, who claims to be a well-known name in the media industry. She left the crime site, soon after the incident, and fled on a rickshaw. Anyhow, she has recently recorded her statement with the police, and I have a few ambiguities regarding her statement, or we may call it a script.

Before I begin with the probing, let me describe an incident from my personal life. I met an accident, two months ago. I was calling shot gun, and my friend was driving. We weren't driving at a fast speed, yet our car hit the footpath. Both of us got seriously injured. I got nearly thirty stitches on my face. The point here is that whenever a car hits a footpath, the passengers get injuries, especially the one sitting on the front seat. The pictures of Intizar's car are available on the internet, which suggest that the car was badly hit and was broken from the front. The father of the victim also reveals that after Intizar was shot, the car got out of control and got hit straight to the footpath. My question here is that why didn't the girl get any injury? Not even a single one. She was so normal that she could get out of the car on her own, had time to come back and take her cell phone, stop a rickshaw, and drift away? No sign of injury on the girl's side. Isn't it strange?

Secondly, as per the girl, she and Intizar met a week earlier from the incident. The questions worth considering here are, how did the girl meet him? Why did she meet him exactly a week earlier before his death? She was also present at the time of this incident. Could this all be a coincidence or something pre-planned? The girl is reiterating the notion that she was really close to Intizar, and that she was his sister. The point to note is that how can one be affectionate brother and sister in just one week? What sort of sister she was that she didn't check Intizar, whether he was alive or not? There was no sign of her calling the ambulance. If she got so attached to Intizar, and that too in just one week, then why didn't she try to save him, in any way possible. The only reaction she showed was getting out the car, and leaving the crime scene immediately. Wasn't it a very uncommon reaction of a girl?

Moreover, as per the reports, Intizar's car had tinted glass windows. My question here is that how were the gunmen sure that Intizar was driving the car? Also not even a single fire hit or injured the girl. According to her she bent down when the gunmen were firing at them. She could have asked her brother, who was relatively younger than her, to do the same. The confidence with which the girl is giving interviews clearly depict that it is coming from her experience in the media industry.

The point is that a life is lost and a family has been left devastated, which provides sole purpose for the police to investigate this matter with proper vigilance. According to the father of the victim, he has not yet received the CCTV footage of the incident up till now. The footage that was shown to him was trimmed down to the point where they have shot Intizar. What happened next, nobody knows.

Whatever the truth may be, I hope that Intizar's family gets justice and the true perpetrators of this heinous act will get punished.

*Name of the girl withheld to protect the identity.