LAHORE - Punjab Labour and Human Resources Minister Ansar Majeed Khan has released Rs3.5 billion for workers’ welfare fund as New Year gift.

This amount will be distributed to workers across Punjab. A ceremony in this regard was held at Bata Factory where Rs210 million cheques were given to workers. From this amount, 185 people were given scholarship grants, 77 marriage grants and 11 death grants.

Labour Additional Secretary Dr Sohail Shahzad, Punjab Welfare Fund Secretary Ahmar Naik, Bata Factory MD, Labour DG Shaikh Farooq Hameed, union leaders of Bata Factory and many employees were also present.

The minister distributed cheques of marriage grant, death grant and scholarship grant to workers. On this occasion, he said that release of this amount for workers is a big achievement of the PTI government. He lauded services of the labour additional secretary and other officers for WWF. He said this is the time to address all issues of employees. He said the PTI government will ensure employees are paid on time. “We will ensure rights to employees according to the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Sardra Usman Buzdar. Workers should take pride being workers. We are trying to shift the labour department from the manual working to automation,” he said.  Khan said, “We will make the social security card more powerful than the identity card for workers. Non-implementation of the welfare fund even after passage of the 18th Amendment is injustice to workers.

Labour policy was a big challenge on the 100 days agenda. We can assure you we will solve all issues of labour at any cost.”